We love preparing food & creating a smile on the face of our guests who kept on encouraging us to take this step forward. Our cooks are from the homeland. Cooking since the age of five and leaving a great mess in the kitchen ever since and serving the great people of Eastern North Carolina. We are committed to providing you with an exceptional & tasty experience every time you walk through our doors or while ordering food for home or office.

Each dish on our menu is prepared using the freshest & highest quality ingredients. The food we cook is the food we grew up on and also the food we grew to love, our moms’ and aunties’ food, the street food we always crave, the food we tried at our friends’ houses, sometimes, things we only heard about or imagined, and most of all, the things we miss from our childhood.

Great pride is taken not only in the healthy, always-fresh food we serve, but also in the great amount of wonderful people who call us their “kitchen away from home”. That trust in us is held dearly and we always strive to make everyone feel welcome as we share our passion for great food, friends, and family.